Just about every homeowner will be faced with renovating their kitchen or bathroom someday. You may even consider the renovation of a newly purchased, recently built property if the present kitchen or bath does not meet your familiy’s needs.


Three Types Of Kitchen And Bath Professionals

There are generally three recognized professionals who are qualified to work as kitchen and bath designers in Phoenix, AZ; Buffalo, NY; and other cities across the United States: architects, interior designers, and designer/builders. Generally, these professionals work together with other tradespeople, such as plumbers and carpenters, to bring the design of your dreams to life.

While a plumber or carpenter may be all that is required to replace a bathtub or vanity, kitchen and bath designers are trained to view not only the practical aspects of a newly designed room, but also the aesthetic and social aspects.

Planning Beforehand Saves Time, Money, And Unnecessary Disappointment

Many cities have non-profit organizations that offer a services that will haul away valuable items, such as windows and cabinets from renovation projects. Stories of homeowners being left disappointed after their expectations of on-call service from non-profits offering such services may serve as a warning: don’t take anything for granted when planning any home renovation project.

Set Expectations: Draw A Plan And List Your Needs In Writing

When dealing with any home-service professional, a sign of their expertise and integrity to watch for is that your are presented with a written plan, including diagrams. A good starting point is to draft rough images of what you are looking for as well as listing all the features you expect to be included prior to first meeting with them. Further, discussing your expectations from each feature in terms of performance can allow your kitchen and bath professional to take a holistic approach.

Be wary of any home improvement professionals who ask you to sign blank contracts, with promises of filling in the details later. Setting expectations early will not only avoid disappointment on your part, but on the part of the contractor, and is accomplished through detailed planning and a thoroughly thought-through contract.

Know What You’re Getting Into

Kara G. Morrison with AZ Central states that the average price for a “mid-range major kitchen remodel” is $56,768. which covers a 200-square-foot room, new appliances, and cabinets with laminate countertops, rather than granite, quartz, or other more exotic materials, which are said to bring the price of comparable projects to well over $100,000. More minor kitchen remodeling jobs are reported to be available for less than $20,000, minus features like cabinets and high-end appliances.

Do Your Research

A great place to start when looking for a home improvement professional is to ask family and friends for names of contractors they have been pleased with. Sites like Yelp allow homeowners to see what other actual customers of kitchen and bath professionals have to say about the quality of their work and their reliability. High-quality kitchen and bath designers are a valuable resource and should be treated as such.