When we think about home improvement, we tend to picture, first and foremost, Tim Allen, (haha) before we imagine giving your walls a fresh coat of paint, replacing windows and doors, repairing floorboards, etc. However, there’s another side to home improvement that is often neglected, and that is safety. Not the safety required to do home improvement projects, but, rather, the safety and protection of your home and family. While we all, for the most part, feel the need to lock our doors at night, not all of us think about just how vulnerable we can be. Luckily, there are a number of ways to bolster the security of your home.

For starters, keeping valuables locked away is almost imperative. Naturally, not all of us have “valuables” outside of items with sentimental value, but even the 20 bucks in your wallet could stand to be guaranteed. So, you’re going to want one of a few options to protect yourself in this area. The first option that comes to mind is a safe, though these can be costly. The cost is worth it, however, if you can afford it, because safes are very difficult to crack for the average burglar. If you’re strapped for cash, lockboxes are much more affordable and provide much of the same benefit as the more costly counterpart. In addition, making sure your front door, and back door, if you have one, is fortified with a deadbolt lock is a must.

Another area of home security you may not have considered is that your computer. These days, our computers can provide skilled hackers easy access to our personal data, including financial information, and this leaves us incredibly vulnerable. Making sure your computer is, almost like a safe, hard to crack is a must. There are many antivirus software choices out there, such as Kaspersky, to help your fortify your precious data.